New Features Further Streamline Expense Reporting Process for Today’s Workforce

Latest features would further simplify the expense reporting process by providing employees additional features to report expenses easily.

Some of the latest features include

Delegate Report

A new report that lists expense reports created by delegates can be generated now in SutiExpense.

Auto-deduct Mileage

SutiExpense automatically deducts the configured mileage from the total miles traveled. This is a customization feature and should be enabled at company level.

Expense Limits

Administrators can now define the dates to enforce limits for expense categories.

Travel Desk

Travel desk will now have privileges to reject the report based on customization.

Import Cost Centers

Administrators can now import user-defined cost centers into SutiExpense.

For more information, please visit SutiExpense or call us at 650-969-SUTI(7884) for more information.

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SutiSoft releases SutiExpense v9.7.8 with feature enhancements. New features make it easy for employees to define expense limits, generate multiple reports, import cost centers and auto-calculate mileage values.

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