SutiSoft Rolls Out SutiAP to Redefine Enterprise Accounts Payable Processes

"Organizations need an agile system to address pressing challenges of finance teams. Legacy systems lack transparency and the ability to manage increasing volumes of invoices. SutiAP bridges this gap with its comprehensive features set to streamline and automate the complex invoice processes. The solution comes with an easy-to-use interface and robust integration capabilities to deliver seamless end-to-end payment experiences." - ND Reddy, CEO at SutiSoft.

Key features include

Invoice Data Capture

SutiTexTrak, the sole proprietary solution of SutiSoft, captures the invoice data irrespective of various formats with 100% accuracy, ensuring zero errors.


Invoice details are matched with requisitions, contracts, purchase orders and receipts to check for data discrepancies. Any anomalies spotted are sent for approver review, ensuring everything is on track, and there is no scope for invoice fraud.

Exception Handling

The solution automatically flags duplicate invoices and redundant data based on predefined parameters and routes for approver review.

Customizable Approval Workflows

SutiAP's multi-level approval workflows route invoices to appropriate approvers for review. The workflows can be configured for users, vendors, roles, cost codes, and other criteria, and approvals can be reviewed at any time.


Sign invoices and other documents electronically with the integrated eSignature solution.

Mobile App

The intuitive mobile app lets user review and approve invoices on the go, offering greater flexibility and ease of use.


SutiAP integrates with external applications, such as NetSuite, Blackbaud, Sage Intacct, QuickBooks, to complete the process and help process payments.


Generate custom charts and graphs based on specific parameters with integrated analytics. This enables users to visualize data across diverse reports, empowering them to make informed, and data-driven decisions.

Audit Trails

Audit logs record all transactions, activities, and changes made within the system These can help businesses track and analyse payment history while ensuring compliance.

SutiAP seamlessly integrates with the user's ecosystem without interrupting their existing workflows. To learn more about SutiAP, visit the company's website at SutiAP or call us at 650-969-SUTI(7884) for more information.

About SutiSoft

SutiSoft develops a comprehensive suite of cloud-based business platforms and solutions for companies of all sizes. Our four SaaS platforms - Spend, HR, eSignature and CRM Platforms include scalable and easy-to-use solutions such as Travel & Expense, Accounts Payables, Accounts Receivables, Procurement, Supplier Relationship Management, HR, CRM, Document Management, Electronic Signature, Contract Lifecycle Management, and more. Our solutions enable SMBs, mid-market, and enterprises to cut costs, save time, and help in making smart business decisions. Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, SutiSoft also has regional offices in Germany, India, and Japan. For more information, please visit our website

SutiSoft, a leading provider of SaaS solutions, announces its innovative solution – SutiAP, an end-to-end accounts payable solution designed to streamline invoice processes for businesses of all sizes.

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