New Features of SutiHR Simplify Candidate Sourcing and Onboarding

SutiSoft, Inc. a leading provider of cloud-based and mobile business management solutions, today announces updates to the Recruitment, Personnel, and Goal Management modules of SutiHR, its online HR management platform. The solution enables HR Admins, Recruiters, and Hiring Managers to quickly track what’s happening in the hiring process and complete the next step. The robust software helps the HR team easily tackle the employee onboarding and goal management processes.

Recruitment Module

  • Show/Hide Resumes and Requisitions

    HR Admins can assign privileges to employees to view the resumes and requisitions that are created for a specific department and for which the employee has been chosen as the hiring manager.

  • Hiring Pipeline Privileges

    HR Admins can assign privileges to HR Managers for each stage in the Hiring Pipeline. As per the given privileges, employees can perform additional actions that are allowed at a specific stage or be restricted from performing certain actions in the Hiring Pipeline.

  • Approve/Reject Requisition

    Requisition approvers can now approve or reject a requisition when viewing the requisition details.

  • Recruitment Tasks

    HR Admins/HR Managers/Recruiters can assign recruitment tasks to employees during the hiring process. The specific employees will need to accomplish those tasks on behalf of the candidates.

  • Reopen Requisitions

    HR Admins can reopen a closed requisition and make required changes, and post it on the job portal.

  • Send Email to Candidates

    HR Admins can send an email to a candidate in all stages of the hiring pipeline.

Personnel Module

  • New Employee Onboarding Emails

    When changing a new hire’s status from Onboarding to Active, HR Admins can now send a welcome email to other selected/all employees in the organization to announce the new team member.

Goal Management Module

  • Create Teams

    Managers can create custom teams adding employees from various departments. When creating a new team goal, the solution allows managers to assign it to the teams they have created or to the particular employees of a team.

  • Assign Goals Based on Department

    Assigning goals to employees has been simplified with the addition of new filters. HR Admins can quickly search for a specific department and assign the goal to an employee of that particular department.

For more information, please visit: SutiHR or call us on 650-969-SUTI.

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SutiHR’s Recruitment, Personnel, and Goal Management modules have been updated.

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